Radiology & Ultrasonography


Monroe Road Animal Hospital utilizes state of the art, digital radiology equipment as an important diagnostic tool.

Digital radiology allows us to assess many conditions from fractures to abnormalities in the chest and abdomen, including foreign bodies and masses, allowing us to formulate the appropriate treatment plan for your pets needs.


Ultrasound has become a valuable diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine. It is a painless and non evasive way to look at various organs and aid in diagnosing various conditions. Ultrasound works by sending sound waves into the body and listening for echos. The machine in turn uses these echos to create a picture of the inside of your pet's body.

The veterinarian may recommend an ultrasound for your pet for multiple reasons. The information gathered from this procedures includes location, size, texture and blood supply of internal organs. Ultrasound is typically used in conjunction with other diagnostics such as blood tests and radiographs.

Your pet's ultrasound exam can usually be performed without sedation, depending on the tolerance level of your pet. If sedation is required, you will be notified. For the procedure to take place, it is necessary to shave the area to be examined.

The information gathered from the ultrasound procedure is valuable in helping diagnose certain conditions and also aids in treatment planning.