Companion Lodge

Monroe Road Animal Hospital's Companion Lodge is a 4000 square foot, climate controlled, veterinary supervised, full-service facility that offers spacious housing for canine, feline and exotic pets.

The facility includes separately contained areas for our canine and feline guests. Our patrons also include various exotic animals such as rabbits, ferret's, birds and reptiles that are housed in a separate area.

Our feline boarding area includes spacious, kitty accommodations, as well as perches, climbing trees and visual activities to keep your cats engaged and happy during their stay with us.     

While your pet is with us there are additional guest services to choose from including doggie daycare, treat time and one on one play time. Our grooming area provides bathing, brush outs, nail trims, ear cleaning and tooth brushing. Our boarding facility staff can also provide services such as basic shave downs. We do not employ a professional groomer. 

Saturday and Sunday pickups are available by appointment between 4 and 6pm only at no extra charge except during holidays. Please make sure to communicate with the Companion Lodge staff if you would like a Saturday/Sunday pick up.

Whether your pet is fit as a fiddle or requires specialized medical supervision, at Monroe Road Animal Hospital's boarding facility, you can relax and enjoy your time away knowing your pet is safe and well cared for in our veterinary supervised facility.